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​Recommend the most suitable, and don't do things that harm the interests of customers


Provide solid professional knowledge, combined with insurance and financial management, so that customers can have more complete insurance and financial management solutions


Aimdar leverage industry front-end technology,

Cloud video interviews, intelligent accounts, electronic signing, saving time for customers

Quality service

Treat people with courtesy, as satisfied as before and after sales, and help customers strive for the best interests

Mother with her Child

Ying. Y 全职妈妈

I met Wenjie through my friend. He is a very professional financial planner. My family used to hate the word "insurance", but after listening to his explanation on insurance, I decided to buy The first insurance in life, he was very professional and patient. After that, my IRA was transferred from the bank to him for financial management. It was much better than in the bank. If I have friends who want to buy insurance, I would be the first to recommend he.

Shop Owner Portrait

Kelly. C 个体经营

Last year, I had to make up for the tax return. The accountant said that my husband and I could open an IRA to offset the tax, and then recommended Aimdar. Because we don’t know these things, we are very satisfied with the performance and after-sales service of the products we bought. So this year I still bought it here, sincerely recommend it!

Smiling Person Talking through Headphones

Henry. Y 网商

Very professional and dynamic financial management team!

Middle Aged Woman

Kristin. L 大学教授

Winston spent AN HOUR with me figuring out a very complex and messy insurance question! He really knows what he’s doing and is kind, responsive and patient on top of that. Five stars!!!

Business Presentation with Headset

Chery 企业主

Wenjie is very professional and provides solutions based on

personal needs, he answered all my quesitons about financial planning, insurance, investment, and health insurance, learned a lot, and we bought group health insurance from the company , highly recommended.


Ivan. W 创业者

This is a very professional company with very good service attitude and work efficiency. Thank you sophia and Wenjie for their enthusiastic and professional services. I will always choose you.

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